Play free introductory gsekai games. If you have never played a game before, you may want to try some free games to find out if you like playing games. A quick search for “free games” or “free games” in the app store will generate thousands of results. But here are some types of gsekai games that you should find from online search:

Puzzle games are usually easy to find in the mobile app store or online flash game website. If you feel like playing classic games, try to download it online.

Most free action games on mobile or online devices are not good introductions for those who are gamer oriented. If you have a qualified computer, the Path of Exile is a more expansive introduction.

If you like strategy, try Hearthstone (card game), Plants versus Zombies (tower defense), or Battle of Wesnoth. All three are available on the computer as well as mobile, and most are available for free.

Find more puzzle games. Some of the biggest puzzle games that can be played during a short break include Candy Crush or 2048. If you want to have 3D graphics and interesting stories, try Portals and Portals 2. If you want a game with a very challenging difficulty, try Braid.

Find action games. This genre is very wide and popular. If you like combat or jumping and climbing, this genre is right for you. The atmosphere and background of the game with this genre varies from the horror (The Last of Us), can be played with the family (Legend of Zelda), to the title of history (Assassin’s Creed). If you like to test your reflexes and do not really care about storylines or stunning experiences, try a competitive first-person shooter game (like Call of Duty) or plat former (like Super Mario Galaxy).

If you prefer to play with your friends rather than explore and follow the storyline, try Super Smash Brothers (it can be played with family) or Grand Theft Auto.

Play story-based games. Do you like a fantasy background? Try playing Dragon Age or Skyrim for the medieval experience, or the latest Final Fantasy game to get a touch of Japan. Bioshock #2 or Bioshock: Infinite also draws with a background of a chaotic utopia.

Play some strategy games. Build empires with turn-based strategy games in Civilization V or Civilization: Beyond Earth. Test your reflexes with fast real-time strategy games like challenging multiplayer games like Starcraft II. Try Total War games to test your tactical skills or play the role of a famous historical figure.

Try games for exploration and creativity. If you do not care about graphics, not many games are more interesting than Minecraft if you want to build a world. Or you might prefer to build a house and control the family in the game The Sims, or a world and more detailed atmosphere like Sunless Sea.

Play multiplayer online role-playing game. World of Warcraft is a game that popularizes the genre that lets you play online with thousands of other players. WoW is still busy playing, as are Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, and more. Most of these games are partially free, but we recommend first find out how the payment system from the full version before you actually get involved in the game in this genre. Games with this famous genre can create addictions, and once you’re addicted, you’ll likely spend a lot of money paying for monthly subscriptions or in-game transactions.


Nowadays, being a youtuber or youtube artist has been the popular things. Anyone can just record their daily activity or film any subjects such as food tasting, cooking, and so on. If you are someone who loved to watch youtube, you can notice that sometimes the youtube artist made giveaway event which can be followed by their subscriber. In this way, you can also search for the iPhone giveaway event. One tip to mind is that usually, you can find this event in the youtube with the content of technology review. Its kind of someone who always give review of the latest series of cell phone, and even laptop and other technologies. They usually tried to gain the viewer attention by holding an event with amazing price.

Therefore, you can look for the famous artist on Youtube which usually held this kind of event. Then it is your chance to get iPhone giveaway in free. Commonly, as the viewer, you only required to subscribe their channel, like all of their videos, and share their videos to your friends. Sometimes they also asked you to comment or answer the question given by them on their video. It means that you need to watch all the criteria and rules by watching the full video, and don’t skip it.

In fact, it is their way to get benefit from this video website. The more they get the viewers, the more they increase their income from Youtube. If their videos have been watched by thousands even million viewers, of course, many ads want to promote their products on that channel. Therefore the account owner will get benefits from this advertisement cost. With that cost, they can single new series of iPhone and then use it as the reward of iPhone giveaway event. Even though this kind of event still based on luck, but at least there are still many account which held the similar event, then you can try it again and again until you win it.


Fake Yeezys for kids
Fake Yeezys for kids

Yeezy refers to the Adidas or Nike boots that are designed in collaboration with Kanye West. Initially, Kanye has partnered with Nike and released Nike Air Yeezy 1 and 2.

Since joining Adidas, Kanye has served as chief designer for sneakers. This cooperation is different from most other collaborations between athletes or celebrities with shoe companies, because Kanye has almost full control in the process of creativity and design.

Kanye West designs clothes and sneakers for Adidas, which is released under the umbrella label Yeezy. Kanye has full creative control and creates a unique Yeezy design model, chooses a bold color line, and signs other unique materials

People also pay attention to it. The latest Yeezy sneaker shoe – Yeezy BOOST 350 and 350 Boost v2 – has been praised for its unique design. Featuring unique knit-top patterns and bold yet simple dashes, Yeezys is probably the most fashionable running shoes in the world. They even inspire the imitators. For example, Baldwin Steve Madden’s shoes have a striking resemblance to the line-up BOOST 350.

Since partnering with adidas, Yeezy sneakers shoe design has become much more minimalist. Nike Air Yeezy’s partnerships, for example, such as “Red Octobers” are very rare, featuring many pieces, intricate design work, and bespoke promises. Boost 350 and Boost 750, though, have more classic colors, and the design is infiltrated with aesthetics.

Adidas produces Yeezy shoes at their factory in China. Actually, Kanye once spoke of going to China to work on Yeezy’s latest model. Overall, the manufacturing process evolves depending on the type of model.

For example, the earliest release, Boost 750, features a simple creation process, with minimal stitching. With the release of Boost 350 sneakers shoes, Adidas must develop special machines and new processes.

If you are a fan of Adidas Yeezy and want your kids to wear cool shoes to school, you can try to get a pair of fake Yeezys for kids online.


Luxury bedspreads UK motif design
Luxury bedspreads UK batik motif design

Growing a sense of love to the country itself can be done in various ways, one of which is using batik known as Indonesian cultural heritage. In addition to popularly used as a fashion item, beauty motifs and colorful batik now also appear through the elements of interior decoration such as for luxury bedspreads UK motif design

Luxury bedspreads UK Batik motif

Batik applications can be anything, ranging from fabric upholstery sofa, windows gordyn, or even batik motif printed on tableware and wall art. For decorating the bedroom, the easiest way is batik cloth processed so runner bed decorator and cushion (cushion).

While other ways more complicated is to carve a variety of decorative batik on wood panel surface, then finishing with one color or more. Then, the wood panel is displayed as a wall decorator. Several pieces of wood panel with different motifs can be displayed together.

One of these batik apps is seen in the bedroom interiors at local Hotel that implements the typical batik ornament of coast, so that the bedrooms look attractive. The beauty of batik motifs and colors into different style luxury bedspreads UK designs than decorating the bedroom in general.

Choosing the right and good luxury bedspreads UK motif design can bring many positive advantage for your bedrooms such as romantic atmosphere, having good sleep, avoiding insomnia, lack of sleep or avoiding headache in the morning as you can get good night sleep well the whole night before. Besides that, luxury bedspreads UK motif design also bring prestige into your bedroom design as it shows the real side of your taste choice of luxury brand.


BeachbodPiyo is a new way of workout which is developed by Charlene Johnson. Many people based on the Beachbody Piyo reviews said that this workout activity drain many energy since the movement combined Pilates, martial arts, as well as dance movement.

Wonder when you are dancing alone you might be wet in sweat, then moreover if it is combined with the other exercises. Therefore after doing this workout, you can lose some weight in fast. Many people who had tried it experienced they had lose from 3 – 4 kilograms in a week. That was very fast way to lose weight, but it is not instant way and still is the healthy step to be slim.

Beachbody Piyo Reviews on Lose Weight

This Pyo exercise is designed for both men and women, so everyone can try it. Based on the Beachbody Piyo reviews, there are some thing you need to maintain if you want to try this exercise. Since the workout will drain your energy and make you wet in sweat, make sure to do proper warming up before doing the main exercise. Don’t forget to prepare your mineral water, because you will lose sweats, therefore you need to recharge your body water again. If you want to drink infused water it is fine and is still good to recharge your energy.

If you do the proper workout, based on the Beachbody Piyo reviews, you can lose your weight quickly. Like mentioned before, the proper weight lose is from 3 until 4 kilograms in one week. Beside losing weight, this workout will give many benefits especially for those who want to shape their body. Besides slim, you will likely have abs if you do this exercise regularly. In the night after having this workout you will sleep tight, and your face will looks brighter and younger. For sure, those effects are the thing wanted by most women.


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Before going into the tutorial section, I will explain a bit about what is safe mode. So, safe mode is a feature that usually exists in the windows operating system, which has various functions or purposes. Some of them are to repair the damage to the windows system or to clean up a virus that may exist on the windows operating system. However, which will be discussed in this article is safe mode on android.

Enter Safe Mode in HP Andromax

Safe mode on android itself is usually used to overcome the phone or smart phone is slow, or may have errors due to third-party applications. In this case, safe mode on android is used to overcome this, and I myself also less deeply into the issue of android safe mode, because I only found out the last few months. When it is entered in safe mode, usually some applications that have shortcut, not working shortcut because it is turned off by the system, as well as safe mode on windows that shut down some processes that exist on windows when it entering safe mode.

I think enough for the explanation and introduction a little simple about safe mode on android, for tutorial how to get into safe mode on android, especially andromax that I use here, just follow the steps:

  1. First, push and hold your phone power button to exit an option like in the following picture.
  2. Then tap and hold on the power off option
  3. After that will appear again option to enter safe mode as in picture below, just select OK
  4. Then after selected OK, then the phone will restart, wait until the restart process is complete.
  5. After the restart is completed, then the phone will go into safe mode with the sign there is writing safe mode on the bottom left corner
  6. Done. Your phone is now in safe mode. To return to normal mode, just restart or reboot as usual you restart or reboot your phone.

How to get into safe mode above is quite easy, and way above I use it on HP Smartfren Andromax C3, and I also have tried the above way on HP Smartfren Andromax E2 and it turns out just the same. It is possible for all types of HP Smartfren Andromax can also use the above. For phones with other brands I have never tried it, it might just as well have the same way, please try it yourself. So many of me, if many wrongs and shortcomings please forgive and add. Thank you for visiting.