Why buy quality books about health and bird disease is important?

Mirrors and hanging bells can be good bird toys. Make sure the bell does not have a gap because it can make the bird’s foot stuck.

Most people do not know that birds are deliberately kicked by their parents out of the nest and stay in the ground for about three days to learn to prey on insects. There is a myth that if you touch a baby bird, its mother will not think of her as a child anymore. But that myth is not true.

You should buy quality books about health and bird disease. Books like this can help you learn about the illness that the bird can suffer and what to do to prevent it or the way you handle it when you encounter a problem.

Do not throw away chewing gum near pet birds or outside. Wild and tame birds will think that chewing gum is food so birds will eat it, then it will choke, and die.

Never let a pet approach the bird. Although it does not intend to do anything, your pet is always curious and can suddenly jump.

Remember that keeping these wild birds is illegal in some countries (and other countries that have the same laws), so you cannot keep wild birds.

How to encourage birds to turn your birdhouse into a home?

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