Play free introductory gsekai games. If you have never played a game before, you may want to try some free games to find out if you like playing games. A quick search for “free games” or “free games” in the app store will generate thousands of results. But here are some types of gsekai games that you should find from online search:

Puzzle games are usually easy to find in the mobile app store or online flash game website. If you feel like playing classic games, try to download it online.

Most free action games on mobile or online devices are not good introductions for those who are gamer oriented. If you have a qualified computer, the Path of Exile is a more expansive introduction.

If you like strategy, try Hearthstone (card game), Plants versus Zombies (tower defense), or Battle of Wesnoth. All three are available on the computer as well as mobile, and most are available for free.

Find more puzzle games. Some of the biggest puzzle games that can be played during a short break include Candy Crush or 2048. If you want to have 3D graphics and interesting stories, try Portals and Portals 2. If you want a game with a very challenging difficulty, try Braid.

Find action games. This genre is very wide and popular. If you like combat or jumping and climbing, this genre is right for you. The atmosphere and background of the game with this genre varies from the horror (The Last of Us), can be played with the family (Legend of Zelda), to the title of history (Assassin’s Creed). If you like to test your reflexes and do not really care about storylines or stunning experiences, try a competitive first-person shooter game (like Call of Duty) or plat former (like Super Mario Galaxy).

If you prefer to play with your friends rather than explore and follow the storyline, try Super Smash Brothers (it can be played with family) or Grand Theft Auto.

Play story-based games. Do you like a fantasy background? Try playing Dragon Age or Skyrim for the medieval experience, or the latest Final Fantasy game to get a touch of Japan. Bioshock #2 or Bioshock: Infinite also draws with a background of a chaotic utopia.

Play some strategy games. Build empires with turn-based strategy games in Civilization V or Civilization: Beyond Earth. Test your reflexes with fast real-time strategy games like challenging multiplayer games like Starcraft II. Try Total War games to test your tactical skills or play the role of a famous historical figure.

Try games for exploration and creativity. If you do not care about graphics, not many games are more interesting than Minecraft if you want to build a world. Or you might prefer to build a house and control the family in the game The Sims, or a world and more detailed atmosphere like Sunless Sea.

Play multiplayer online role-playing game. World of Warcraft is a game that popularizes the genre that lets you play online with thousands of other players. WoW is still busy playing, as are Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, and more. Most of these games are partially free, but we recommend first find out how the payment system from the full version before you actually get involved in the game in this genre. Games with this famous genre can create addictions, and once you’re addicted, you’ll likely spend a lot of money paying for monthly subscriptions or in-game transactions.



Before going into the tutorial section, I will explain a bit about what is safe mode. So, safe mode is a feature that usually exists in the windows operating system, which has various functions or purposes. Some of them are to repair the damage to the windows system or to clean up a virus that may exist on the windows operating system. However, which will be discussed in this article is safe mode on android.

Enter Safe Mode in HP Andromax

Safe mode on android itself is usually used to overcome the phone or smart phone is slow, or may have errors due to third-party applications. In this case, safe mode on android is used to overcome this, and I myself also less deeply into the issue of android safe mode, because I only found out the last few months. When it is entered in safe mode, usually some applications that have shortcut, not working shortcut because it is turned off by the system, as well as safe mode on windows that shut down some processes that exist on windows when it entering safe mode.

I think enough for the explanation and introduction a little simple about safe mode on android, for tutorial how to get into safe mode on android, especially andromax that I use here, just follow the steps:

  1. First, push and hold your phone power button to exit an option like in the following picture.
  2. Then tap and hold on the power off option
  3. After that will appear again option to enter safe mode as in picture below, just select OK
  4. Then after selected OK, then the phone will restart, wait until the restart process is complete.
  5. After the restart is completed, then the phone will go into safe mode with the sign there is writing safe mode on the bottom left corner
  6. Done. Your phone is now in safe mode. To return to normal mode, just restart or reboot as usual you restart or reboot your phone.

How to get into safe mode above is quite easy, and way above I use it on HP Smartfren Andromax C3, and I also have tried the above way on HP Smartfren Andromax E2 and it turns out just the same. It is possible for all types of HP Smartfren Andromax can also use the above. For phones with other brands I have never tried it, it might just as well have the same way, please try it yourself. So many of me, if many wrongs and shortcomings please forgive and add. Thank you for visiting.


Seeing the enthusiasm of his loyal gamers around the world, Supercell decided to gather the game’s champions through the Clash Royale tournament. Unmitigated, the prizes provided in this competition reach billions of rupiah. As quoted from page Phone Arena, this time Supercell seems not playing games in giving gifts. In this competition titled Crown Championship, they offer prizes of up to US $ 1 million, or about Rp 13.3 billion.

For its own operation, the Clash Royale competition will begin in May. For registrations, Supercell has opened it from some time ago. Requirements that must be obeyed by prospective participants is a minimum age of 16 years and have a Level 8 account. Unfortunately, this tournament is only open for 6 areas, namely North America, Europe, Latin America, China, Korea, and Japan. But for you loyal Clash Royale fans who live in Indonesia, do not worry too much. The reason, Supercell will open a similar competition internationally by the end of this year.

It seems now Supercell will become one of the gaming companies that give a big enough prize. Earlier in 2011 ago, one of the largest eSport game in the world, namely DotA 2 held a tournament with a total prize of US $ 1.6 million, equivalent to Rp 21.3 billion. Keep in mind that this game is still in the pre-beta stage alias will not be completely the same when its release. For the release date itself there has been no news from Supercell, but they will hold an initial launch for some countries only (same as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale). With a gift of that size, who are the gamers who do not want to follow the tournament? Certainly there are so many who want to compete for the contest. The time they use to play the game can already be used as their expertise to compete among gamers with each other.



Similar to other popular game, there are many types of hack which are used in Clash Royale. Since this game has the popularity in all over the worlds, no wonder that the Clash Royale hack is created in order to help the player achieve their goal in ease. One of the type from the hack is using WHAFF, for getting the difficult cards in the game.

It is an application which should be installed in the cell phone (mainly android), then user need to do some tasks to gain the dollars. In detail, it will be like this: after installing the WHAFF application, you can have chance to get real dollar, but there are many things you need to do. Like you need to insert the special code in order to get $0.3 in your balance. When you don’t do it, this chance will miss but you can still have different chance for gaining the dollars.

So where the relations between Clash Royale hack and this application? Well, Clash Royale players won’t immediately get the cards they wanted after installing this application, but they can get it after they gain $10 and then change the balance with the cards for Clash Royale. In fact, it might be the same as you purchase it in the game, but the different is that you don’t spend money, since you get the balance from the activity you did in the application.

Some of Clash Royale hack are indeed means by cheating, but in fact that is needed in the game. But for those who want to play the game in clean, then this way can be used for sure. It is not illegal to install WHAFF application and to gain money from the activity you do. It similar to working to get the balance, which then you use the balance for purchasing the cards in the Clash Royale. This way have been applied by many Clash Royale players, since it is very helpful and it is very worth to do it.


Cheating with Clash Royale Hack to Obtain Gems and GoldFor what gems and gold in the Clash Royale game? Well here is a brief explanation of gems. Gems are green gems that we can use to speed up when opening chest or crate. Then, how to do Clash Royale hack to gain more Gems and Gold?

While Gold is used to upgrade the level of troops or characters until it becomes stronger again.To get Gold and Gems Clash Royale (CR) players usually buy with real money, or credit cards. But the price is not cheap, for 14,000 Gems are sold at a price of around $100. That is the standard value set by Supercell developers.

That is very high price only to play a game. For the real and intensive game players who had much money, they might be likely use their credit card only for it. But for the players who only seek for entertainment and fun, this amount is very high to spend.

Clash Royale Hack

In order to do the Clash Royale hack, firstly you need to install the hacking application for Clash Royale and then run it. Once open, press the start button now will now appear the page generator. Enter the username in the field provided, do not forget to select the device or device that you use Android or iOS. In the generator section, select the number of Gems you want to inject into your Clash Royale account, then click the Generate Now button.

The next step is the process of injecting, your account will be scanned and regenerated automatically by the system. This process takes not long. Do not close or exit this page as it may result in system failure.The last step is the verification process, do the verification by installing one application provided.

Finally, after passing the 100% verification process, you open the Clash Royale game and wait a few minutes until your account is filled with the Gems you generated earlier. That was one of the very easy ways to do Clash Royale hack.