How to Enter Safe Mode in HP Andromax


Before going into the tutorial section, I will explain a bit about what is safe mode. So, safe mode is a feature that usually exists in the windows operating system, which has various functions or purposes. Some of them are to repair the damage to the windows system or to clean up a virus that may exist on the windows operating system. However, which will be discussed in this article is safe mode on android.

Enter Safe Mode in HP Andromax

Safe mode on android itself is usually used to overcome the phone or smart phone is slow, or may have errors due to third-party applications. In this case, safe mode on android is used to overcome this, and I myself also less deeply into the issue of android safe mode, because I only found out the last few months. When it is entered in safe mode, usually some applications that have shortcut, not working shortcut because it is turned off by the system, as well as safe mode on windows that shut down some processes that exist on windows when it entering safe mode.

I think enough for the explanation and introduction a little simple about safe mode on android, for tutorial how to get into safe mode on android, especially andromax that I use here, just follow the steps:

  1. First, push and hold your phone power button to exit an option like in the following picture.
  2. Then tap and hold on the power off option
  3. After that will appear again option to enter safe mode as in picture below, just select OK
  4. Then after selected OK, then the phone will restart, wait until the restart process is complete.
  5. After the restart is completed, then the phone will go into safe mode with the sign there is writing safe mode on the bottom left corner
  6. Done. Your phone is now in safe mode. To return to normal mode, just restart or reboot as usual you restart or reboot your phone.

How to get into safe mode above is quite easy, and way above I use it on HP Smartfren Andromax C3, and I also have tried the above way on HP Smartfren Andromax E2 and it turns out just the same. It is possible for all types of HP Smartfren Andromax can also use the above. For phones with other brands I have never tried it, it might just as well have the same way, please try it yourself. So many of me, if many wrongs and shortcomings please forgive and add. Thank you for visiting.

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