Learning Credit Card Bill Payment Mechanism

After you know the amount of charges you need to pay and when you should make the payment, you should now determine which payment mechanism or channel you will use. There are several ways provided by credit card issuing banks:

Pay Directly at the Branch Office

You can go directly to your credit card issuing bank office to make a credit card bill payment. The steps are more or less like this:

Take a deposit slip, either a special credit card payment slip or cash deposit slip, depending on the bank. If there is no written information about how to pay credit card bills at the bank office, please ask the officer in the office.

The contents of the deposit slip, usually in the form of a name, credit card account number, and the amount you are willing to pay and signature. After all filled, you just queue up the turn at the teller and hand over your payment money. How to pay through teller with cash deposit is usually charged a considerable fee.

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