Simple but Unique Home Improvement Ideas with Safety and Comfort


Reprinting all the sidelines of the room will cost you a lot. Replacing it with wallpaper is equally expensive. If you want to press the budget, you can add wall ornaments that can be done by yourself at the weekend or familiarly called do it yourself. If necessary, just use unused used goods. Open the warehouse and find what you are looking for. For example, you can be creative by attaching newspaper pulp to make the wall texture appear before being painted. Or, paint something on one side of the wall. Even abstract images don’t matter, instead they look unique.

For furniture, use used wood. Just sand a little and arrange it into a small shelf. Old furniture can be new and different if repainted following the renovation concept. Simple but unique ideas like this are found on the internet or bookstores. Besides being easy to find, renovation costs can be reduced. The house will look beautiful and different. However, some tricks may require expert services. This also needs to be included in the plan. Which one can be done alone with family, which one must use the services of an outsider.

About six months before the renovation schedule, start drawing the design you want. Research and consult with many friends or even design experts. After the design is quite mature, look for a builder or contractor reference according to your needs and budget. Three months later, then you will survey building shops. If there are some ingredients that are too expensive, try looking for other alternatives. Don’t forget to contact the contractor to discuss your renovation plan. Two months before renovation, start buying these ingredients. Sometimes, ordering special handmade materials takes a long time. One month before the target, the space to be renovated must be addressed. Remove items so as not to disturb or damage. So, you are not bothered with the schedule of cleaning up on the day of the event

For design matters, everything can be adjusted depending on the funds. But remember, that does not mean putting aside the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. Some items such as pipes, foundations, discs, and roof truss must still meet quality standards. Also, if you still choose paint to coat the outer walls of the house, you should choose a durable one. Why? The outdoors is most vulnerable to exposure to heat during drought and moldy in the rainy season. Do not let you bother because you have to re-polish the paint often. The cost will even increase.

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