When renting a car
When renting a car

The closer to holidays, the higher the rental price will be. The choice of cars will be less.

It is important for you to know the range of car rental rates. Rental rates in big cities and small towns are different. Generally, the current MPV car rental price is around IDR 420,000.

For different areas, there will be different again car rental policy each other. In Malang for example, generally long car rental is 12 hours. While in Bali, most cars are rented for 10 hours.

Make sure you return the car before the rental time expires. Do not forget to ask additional fees if the deadline is passed.

When renting a car, you are given the option of whether to “unlock” or not. This means whether you want to drive your own car, or want to use the services of a driver.

“Unlock” alias own drive would cost cheaper. If you do not know the area, it’s good to use the services of the driver.

Before taking away a rental car, check out his condition first. Make sure there are no defects in the body and inside of the car. If so, report it to the rental officer.

Not just a physical car, check also each functions, starting from the brake, water, until the car battery. It is useful to avoid getting cheated when the car is returned.

Some car rentals implement a prepaid system. You can pay for it directly when booking your vehicle. Usually, car rentals give a discount if you take this option. But be sure to return, whether they will refund the money in case of cancellation.

Many rental cars at that rent out vehicles complete with gasoline. Make sure you know very well that the car you pay is inclusive of anything, eg gasoline and driver.

Even abroad, there is a rental car that will replace your petrol money. Therefore there’s nothing wrong you store gasoline receipt.