At the beginning of the birth of the film
At the beginning of the birth of the film
  1. At the beginning of the birth of the film

In 1878 when some American men gathered and from a light conversation raised a question: “Are the four hooves in a position to fly at the same time as the horse ran?” The question was answered when Eadweard Muybridge made 16 frames of a running horse drawing. 16 frames of the running horse drawing, made a series of movements in sequence so that the image of the horse seemed to be running, and it proved that there was a moment where the horse’s feet did not touch the ground when the middle horse raced.

The concept is almost the same as the cartoon concept. became the first motion picture in the world.While at that time there was not yet created a camera that could record dynamic movement.After the invention of Muybridge moving images the first time, camera innovation began to grow when Thomas Alfa Edison developed the function of ordinary camera camera into a camera capable of recording motion pictures in the year 1888, so you the era began to record objects that move dynamically. So began a new era of cinematography marked by the creation of a kind of short documentary by Lumière Brothers. The film, which was recognized as the world’s first cinema, was played at Boulevard des Capucines, Paris, France under the title Workers Leaving the Lumière’s Factory on December 28, 1895, which was then designated as the birthday of cinematography. The inaudible film, which lasted only a few seconds, illustrates how factory workers leave their workplace at home.

At the beginning of the birth of the film, it seems there is no clear purpose and plot. But when the idea of ​​filmmaking begins to be touched by the realm of the industry, the film starts to be made more conceptual, has a plot and a clear story. Although in the new era of film world, the picture is still colorless alias black and white, and not yet supported by audio effects. At that time, when people were watching a movie, there would be a music player that directly accompanies the motion picture displayed on the screen as a sound effect. Just sit back, relax and enjoy movies watch online