The type of foot shape of runners choice
The type of foot shape of runners choice

Normal arch means the foot has a normal curvature angle on the inside of the sole of the foot. If your foot is a normal arch, it is likely that your pronation is also normal. Pronation is a type of leg movement when running that is influenced by the curvature of the leg and the distribution of force from the pounding of the foot to the ground on the run. You are advised to use shoes that have a slight angle of curvature known as stability shoes / semi curved shoes. This type of shoe has a slight angle of curvature in the middle and thicker pads that provide stability when you run.

This foot shape has a small arch angle (low arch). Therefore, it is often referred to as flat foot or duck legs. Runners with this type of foot tend to roll and bend his legs outward than people with normal leg curvature. This type of foot movement is called overpronation. Suitable shoe is a motion-control type – to control pronation. The character is to have extra thick pads that minimize the possibility of pronation movement. The lower soles are made of hard material, usually carbon, to increase stability while running.

This foot shape has a thinner centerpiece compared to other types so that the greatest pressure is in the heel and front of the foot. Runner with the form of high arch legs generally has the type of foot movement underpronation. Underpronation (also called supination or supination) is a type of foot movement that rolls and bends inward when running.

You need shoes called neutral shoes. The typical characteristic of this shoe is the presence of padded pads on the front of the foot and the heel to support the large pressure on the part. Bearing material that is often used in this type of shoe is ethylene vinyl acetate

Please note that this article only serves as a guide both brands may have different terms. First of all, first know the type of foot shape and foot movement type. You should do a small research first. When about to buy, make sure you ask a lot of salespeople and try it first with a jog. Once you’ve found the right shoe for your feet, it’s time to wear and make it a new comer when running based on information fromĀ