Fake Yeezys for kids
Fake Yeezys for kids

Yeezy refers to the Adidas or Nike boots that are designed in collaboration with Kanye West. Initially, Kanye has partnered with Nike and released Nike Air Yeezy 1 and 2.

Since joining Adidas, Kanye has served as chief designer for sneakers. This cooperation is different from most other collaborations between athletes or celebrities with shoe companies, because Kanye has almost full control in the process of creativity and design.

Kanye West designs clothes and sneakers for Adidas, which is released under the umbrella label Yeezy. Kanye has full creative control and creates a unique Yeezy design model, chooses a bold color line, and signs other unique materials

People also pay attention to it. The latest Yeezy sneaker shoe – Yeezy BOOST 350 and 350 Boost v2 – has been praised for its unique design. Featuring unique knit-top patterns and bold yet simple dashes, Yeezys is probably the most fashionable running shoes in the world. They even inspire the imitators. For example, Baldwin Steve Madden’s shoes have a striking resemblance to the line-up BOOST 350.

Since partnering with adidas, Yeezy sneakers shoe design has become much more minimalist. Nike Air Yeezy’s partnerships, for example, such as “Red Octobers” are very rare, featuring many pieces, intricate design work, and bespoke promises. Boost 350 and Boost 750, though, have more classic colors, and the design is infiltrated with aesthetics.

Adidas produces Yeezy shoes at their factory in China. Actually, Kanye once spoke of going to China to work on Yeezy’s latest model. Overall, the manufacturing process evolves depending on the type of model.

For example, the earliest release, Boost 750, features a simple creation process, with minimal stitching. With the release of Boost 350 sneakers shoes, Adidas must develop special machines and new processes.

If you are a fan of Adidas Yeezy and want your kids to wear cool shoes to school, you can try to get a pair of fake Yeezys for kids online.