How to take care of the leather bag properly?

Do you have leather bags or leather bags? Let’s take care of the leather bag properly so that your bag more durable. Here are 4 tips to take care of leather bags:

  1. Clean your hands before taking care of the leather bag.

Leather bag easily absorbs oil. Clean the surface of your bag with a slightly wet cloth, but remember not to use too much water, because the skin takes a long time to dry.

  1. Use a special cleanser for leather.

Every six months, apply a special soap with a circular motion, then remove the rest of the soap with a slightly wet cloth so that the skin pores are not clogged.

  1. Get rid of the stain as soon as possible.

Stains from food, drink or blood exposed to the bag can be removed with lime powder, you know. Destroy white chalk, and apply the powder on top of the stain. Leave for one night, then wipe with a dry cloth.

  1. Use bubble wrap plastic to keep the bag shape.

Sump the contents of your leather bag with bubble wrap to keep the shape of the bag, then keep your leather bag in a dust bag or clean pillowcase. If you have just cleaned the bag, make sure that the bag is completely dry. Do not forget to remove the strap or bonds in the bag so that no print marks appear.

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