Tips Using Credit Card When Travel Abroad

Please note that banks may charge overseas transaction fees even when shopping online with overseas buyers. But you do not have to worry, after all the way out of the country is very pleasant. Do not let your mind be gloomy think of additional costs.

Try to follow the following tips to be more comfortable in traveling abroad.

  1. Report a Travel Plan to your Credit Card Issuer

You need to tell the time and purpose of the trip that you will make to the credit card issuer. Thus, the publisher can run the opening velocity, which is the process to help credit card holders if they experience rejection when swiping at an EDC machine abroad.

  1. Check Your Credit Card Limit and Expiration Date

You need to make sure that all bills are settled so the limit is in the maximum amount and you can use your credit card freely. Do not forget to check the validity date of your credit card. When it has expired, credit card cannot be used.

  1. Save Call Center Bank Issuer and Credit Card Number in Safe Place

Storing a call center issuing bank and recording credit card numbers is important to do. Do not forget to note in a separate place from the wallet like a notebook or memo. This is just in case if you lose your credit card and when you have difficulty in the transaction. If your credit card is lost, immediately contact the call center, so that your credit card immediately blocked and prevent misuse of credit cards.

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