Understanding Kitchen Home Design Tools

The Body’s Immune System is importime in home decor. Over time, errors resulting from the use of plate types may also affect the immune system. You get sick more easily and have decreased antibodies quite often than usual. It can also disrupt the organ that works inside your body.

Well, before you regret because all this time using the type of dish that is dangerous for family health. Let’s know in advance the materials and types of dishes that are not recommended for use:

-Type Plate with Melamine Material

Melamine is indeed the most dangerous type of plate for health. Melamine plate contains a small substance such as formaldehyde which is dangerous if absorbed by the body. Then, what if you already have a collection of melamine plate in your house? Take it easy! The type of melamine plate can be used if it is cold and does not put hot food. Imagine, if the inhaled melamine substances can cause respiratory irritation and liver damage.

-Plastic Plate Type

In addition to melamine-based dishes, plates containing plastic materials are also very harmful to health. The presence of BPA is a chemical used to make the plastic clear. Just imagine if the type of dish chosen for your family contains a soluble BPA compound in food or hot beverages? Malicious reactions such as fetal defects or cancer can enter into your family’s body.

-Lead Plate Type

Before deciding the type of dish suitable for your family especially the baby. Check to see if your plate choices contain harmful lead ingredients or not. Lead is one of the most commonly used materials for making tableware, paints and mattresses that line the tiles. So, although your plate type is made of ceramic, it is not necessarily lead free. Fortunately, technological advancement is aware of the dangers of lead so slowly it no longer produces this dangerous paint.

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